Let it be known...that Church and State are still inter-twined...brainwashing and herding

up the masses. Drone like people are the product of this said process. The majority is

becoming more voluminous...and individuals are loosing their uniqueness in favor of

conformity. How sad. Rented minds programed by church and state dictates.

Every day statesmen are passing laws to justify their existence...and filling their wallets

with goldbricks...from the pockets of the people they represent. Stealing the freedom of

its people and filling it with their self-related law. The government is not concerned if

you go through the windshield because you were not wearing a seat belt. They are

concerned with insurance companies that have placed strings on them...and reaching

into your pocket with fines. Corporate interests. Have we lost our talent for making

rational decisions? How many laws do we need? Is this not adding more stress to an al-

ready stressful planet? No wonder weak...confused individuals are freaking out more

often and doing massive destruction to people around them. They have become over-

loaded. And are snapped by the added pressures of society. Pass another hundred laws

...a thousand...then run for cover. Cause your pompous...deceitful...self-righteous ass

might just get ventilated by the very projectile you loaded up.

New laws have always been a cheap substitute for what should lie in the hearts of the

people. And the church has always maintained..."serve and suffer" and now relatively

speaking..."send more money" so we can grow and spread the word..."crush individual-


Every one likes nice things...and controlled materialism should be part of a balanced

life. However is the "love of money" enough? The grinder has programmed many to be-

lieve the dollar sign is the path to total contentment. And why not? The more money

that is in circulation...the fatter becomes their cut. But how many have "opened a vein"

because they lost two million and only have one million left. Love of money is only part

of an adept individual. And anyone lop-sided enough to have the dollar sign become

their God...is truely living on the edge...flirting with disaster.

Let it also be known...that the role of the Satanist (the rebel...the villain...the creative

free thinker) now takes on added importance...unless dronedom is the true savior of the