Satan...means the "adversary"..."opposition"..."the accuser". Satan is in direct opposition

to any fabricated thought or bogus principle that goes against an individuals responsible

natural instincts...and accuses any theology which rejects nature as being anti-life...thereby

signifying it as adverse to the intellectual animal...known as human being.

Satan is expressed by an inverted pentagram. The two upper points exhibit the horns of

defiance...and the dualistic nature of principles or issues. The lowest point...the *Christian*

trinity denied...or a third alternative nature...which could be seen as unexplainable or dark.

This dark nature or sub-conscious force when tapped...is capable of change and manifests

itself as power.

Satan is the power of self...the power of mankind...the power flowing through mankind...

as opposed to an aloof man made being that is concerned with our safety and well being. A

dangerous illusion which is self-sacrificing...self-debasing...self-denying...oppressive and


Satan exercises the nature of love (desire)...and hate (preservation instinct) as it arises in

situation. Desire being the focus of mental...and/or venereal appetite gratified through

common or personal outlet. Preservation being the elimination of threatening factors to

one's existence. Satan also acknowledges the need for compassion onto the deserved. All

capable of adjustment through ritualization and force of will.

Satan is also opposed to herd like mentality. Pathetic drones enslaved by the many. Origin-

al ...creative individuals should be applauded as a means for true change and progress.

Herded sheep should be ridiculed and scorned for their stagnant...lazy stance. For they are

a distraction and breath pestilence unto the mighty.

Satan states that eternity is incomprehensible to human intellect...and because no one who

has maintained sanity has actually seen an "after life"...it is ridiculous to take it for granted.

The creator has kept this aspect clandestine...and our majestic overlord maintains...


Satan is the "I AM" of the ALL. WORLD WITHOUT END!

As the above could be stated as the visible fruit that the tree bares...what of the roots? Yes

Satan...God...Self lies within. I could best express the feeling of Satan through these means.

Go out on a calm peaceful evening when the sky is clear and relax...gaze upward. This is the

feeling and power of Satan. Enchanting...endless...powerful. When the mind is clear...and we

elevate ourselves above the masses...the mind is free to absorb. Which leads us to believe

one would have to be relaxed and uncluttered to perceive Satan. Which is exactly right! If the

mind is overwhelmed by everyday trivial...there is no room for greater things.  Children scream-

ing...thoughts of a "bad" day at work...worry...anxiety. These things have consumed the mind...

making it practically impossible to intervene with Satan...God...Self. However there are means

to push aside this trivialness. That actually put one closer in line with Satan...using certain tech-

niques. Also...through regular use...becomes part of oneself...making everyday a more self-

aware...rewarding journey versus being overwhelmed by wasted moments and stressful point-

less anxiety. There is no reason to run around like mainstream society (the "rat race")...and be

deprived of sanity and focus as many are. And I choose to term this technique "Satanization".

When the surface of a lake is still...one can see to the bottom very clearly. This is impossible

when the surface is agitated by waves. In the same way...when the mind is still...with no

thoughts...you can see to the "bottom" or in other words..."Self".

When we take up some recreation on putting a ball into a hole (golf)...the other thoughts are

slowed down or stilled. We feel we have played a "good" game when we have achieved

perfect concentration. The joy we experience comes...not because of having put the ball in

the hole 18 times. But because we have achieved perfect concentration 18 times. At that

time...all the worries...stress...and problems of the world disappear. We have elevated our-

selves above the masses.

The mental ability to focus is inherent in all. It is not really extraordinary or mysterious to

those that "are with". Only to those "without". Satanization is not really something that has

to be taught...however because of the nature of everyday life...and it's insane complications

...one would have to realize that the ability is there and then seek it. We have been taught to

focus only on external objects while leaving the "Self" upon a shelf. When one truely goes

introspective...there is no time. Time is nothing but a modification of the mind. Time...space...

causation and all external experiences are mental creation.

All joy achieved through the mind is temporary and fleeting...it is limited by nature. To

achieve that state of lasting joy and obtain hidden knowledge...we must first know how to

calm the mind. By turning the mind inward...upon the "Self"...we can deepen  that state of

focus which can also be applied to ritual for more powerful workings.

Satanization is an experience that cannot be described...just as colors can not be described

to a blind man. All ordinary experience is limited by time...space...and causation. Our "normal"

awareness and understanding does not elevate us above these bounds.

Finite experience...which is measured in terms of past...present...and future...are not elevated

by most. Concepts of time are illusory...for they have no permanence. The present...immea-

surably small and fleeting...cannot be grasped by those "without". Past and future are non-

existent in the present. Many live in the land of illusion...and Satanism is a philosophy of

reality...with fantasy thrown in at times as a bonus.  They are separate in nature...and

should be handled accordingly.

Those "with"...have elevated themselves above such limitations. There is only the understand-

ing of the "I am" in the external now. And is only possible when all mental modifications are


The closest analogous state that we can experience is deep sleep in which there is neither time

...space...or causation. Satanization however...differs from deep sleep...for it works profound

changes in the psyche. By curbing and stilling the oscillations of the mind. Satanization brings

stillness to the "waters" so that one may "see".

On the physical level...Satanization helps to prolong the body's anabolic process of growth

and repair. Also...to reduce the catabolic or decaying process. Ordinarily the anabolic process

predominiates until the age of 18. From 18-35 there is a balance between the two...and after 35 

the catabolic process dominates. These techniques significantly reduce the catabolic decline.

This is because of the innate receptivity of the body cells.

Each of our body cells is governed by the instinctive subconscious mind. They have both an

individual and a collective consciousness. When the thoughts and desires pour into the body

...the cells are activated...and then the body obeys the group demand. It has been scientifically

proven that positive thoughts bring positive result to cells. Our techniques bring about a pro-

longed positive state of mind...which also rejuvenates body cells and retards decay.

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