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Magick is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity
with the will of the Magician (Magus).

First it should be stated that magic(k) or the dark arts are not as dark and mysterious as in the past. Science is now starting to partially explain reasons for it's successes and failures. And are coming to grips with the basics... minus the darkness.

There are probably hundreds of different paths of magic(k). Sumerian....
Candle...Enochian...Crystal...Chaos...Tantra...on and on. And it is my belief
what works for one...might not work for another. Magic(k) is personal. However I do believe if one makes their rituals to complex....it steals from the focus of the intent. I once bought a book called "Higher Magick" that was so complicated it possibly could have confused Einstein and Edgar Cayce together. I finally gave it away to someone to put on their bookselve to help make them look "in the know". Many "occult" books only confuse and frustrate individuals of interest...not to mention ripping them off. One can study until they know everything. But until they actually "know"...will have little or no success. It is the intent of this writing to provide the novice with the latest scientific findings concerning why magic works...and a means to be successful without hours and years of studing only to come back around and find the same conclusions.

                                       ENTROPY /  NEGATIVE ENTROPY

To understand the theory behind magic...it helps to understand something about science and the life force.

Entropy is a term that relates to physics. Under observation...two energy systems of different potentials will end up with the same potentials some time after they come into contact with each other. This is the process of establishing balance entropy. For instance...if we bring a hot object in contact with a cold object...both objects will end up with the same temper-
ature after some time.

Through the reseach of Mesmer...Reichenbach...and Reich we are able to understand the principles of the human life force. This life force could be explained as the relating factors between living things. Which has been photographed using special cameras. It has also been observed through telepathy...astral projection...etc. Why does a dog upon a first meeting... suddenly not like someone for no apparent reason when it is usually quite friendly? How can an individual "feel" someone behind them ...or someone hidden is staring...but you can "feel their eyes on you"? These are just a few examples of the presence of life force.

Also...through carefull observation (without going into alot of long winded details)...it has been observed...life force operates opposite entropy. If you bring an object with a high potential of life force in contact with an object that has a low potential...the object with the higher potential will draw  from the object with the lower potential...or...negative entropy. And this is the principle behind magic. Through the characteristics of negative entropy and the presence of natural life force...changes can be brought about using the mind.

                                                 MAGICAL PRACTICE

Magic(k) is probably as old as humankind. Magicians have been practicing for thousands of years without  understanding why it works. Magic wands.. hair...fingernails...pictures...symbols...what does it all mean?

First...ritual is set-up to present an atmosphere of transfer. And the parti- cular ritual is personal as to the Magician's tastes. These are the trappings surrounding the Magus to bring about the focus of intent. And from my experience...the focus of intent is usually in the middle of the ritual. That is the bedrock of the working. The mind transfering the intent to the subject (which usually achieves maximum results when they are asleep).

To make this as simple as possible...first the Magus must conjure up a strong image of the recipient...mentally. If one is unable to focus using the mind...success will be futile. (Our Satanization techniques work wonders concerning this). Pictures...drawings...anything that reminds the sender of the recipient may be used. Once the image is in focus...the Magus needs to
"see" the desired result as really happening. If healing is the desire...the Magician needs to actually visualize the individual as becoming well again. (People can worry themselves sick...they can will themselves well). Using all energy available...pump it...pump it...visualize...pump it up and release it towards the mental image. As one would pump an air rifle and then pull the trigger. You are casting your will upon the target.

A more advanced method...would incorporate the use of additional chemisty and a wand. A doll can be made representing the target (preferably made out of the recipients clothing...stuffed with maybe cotton and actual DNA or bacteria from say hair and/or nails from the recipient). This way chemistry close at hand is used to super-transmit  through the life force. The magician's will or intent can be sent through a knife or wand and delivered into the doll (which in the Magician's mind and by the very presence of DNA has become the person)...or target. After which the desired result can be written on paper and burned in a candle.

It can not be overstated that magic(k) does not come directly from the trappings surrounding the Magus...they are merely tools to assist. I have left out the ceremony parts of a working...leaving that to personal tastes and individual needs.The actual magic...comes from the sender...backed by energy...delivered to the target through the medium of life force.

This is why the "dabbler"...the uninformed individual with their little "occult" book sitting on their lap...that recites a few "magicial" words has about as much chance of success as the flea climbing an elephants leg with the intent of rape. Desire...energy...focus...and delivery are the keys that open doors and create change!


                                                ENOCHIAN  MAGIC

Enochian Magic is a system first introduced by a scholar John Dee and his seer Edward Kelly through the years 1582-1587 and is probably the most wide-spread system used by Satanists today. The language of Enoch seems to stimulate the psyche and create a resonance between the inner and outer worlds.

Although Dee was a great scientist in his time and very well versed in mathmatics...assorted languages (Greek,Latin,English,Herbrew)...astronomy and the "occult". He lacked the ability of scrying (crystal or smoke gazing). Dee was convinced a "spirit" was trying to communicate with him by the constant knocking at his doors at different locations late at night. So he set out to find assistance which eventually brought him into contact with Edward Kelly (not as well educated as Dee but who excelled at scrying) and so the endeavor began.

Thus started a relationship that resulted in the creation of a whole new magical system... called today Enochian Magic. Edward Kelley would sit down in front of the crystal and describe what he saw and heard... John Dee would sit nearby and record all the information... sometimes asking questions which Kelley would put to the "spirit" in the glass. The entity went on to instruct them to make large magical charts and through the medium of the mirror or crystal stone...they would place certain strange letters... into column's or magical graphs. (Dr John Dee diaries and manuscripts are housed in the Sloane and Harleian collection, in the British Museum... also his magical equipment... and show crystals can be viewed ).

One entity in particular came to dominate the scrying... appearing time and time again... she called herself... Madimi. Dee recorded in his diaries that Madimi... "was a "spiritual" creature... like a pretty girl of seven or nine years of age... half angel... half elfin". The entity(s) started to teach Dee and Kelley their own language which they called Enochian. Moreover they taught them certain calls and invocation's in Enochian... to be used at the start of a scrying session to open the way to higher levels. Madimi was always there to help popping in and out, (Dee named his own daughter after her).

Although Dee constantly refers to these entities as "Angels"...one would have to concider this was the time period of the Inquisitions. And I think I would have to refer to them as anything but an entity or a Demon. Unless being executed is ones intent.

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