Technologically...humans have reached the stars...well done. But only because of compe-

tition has this  occured. What has been left behind are emotionally herded up shells  re-

acting to situations instead of being in control of them. And our governments excel at this

by waiting for problems to surface before action is usually taken. There are key issues

that need to be addressed but are not because of lack of corporate interests and a certain

dismissal of popularity.

When is the sleeping giant of overpopulation going to be announced and dealt with? And

by whom? Never...or until it is almost catastrophic? It seems our leaders have won  popu-

larity contest and are ridden with strings as is a puppet. And anyone deemed into leader-

ship by the majority is being moved by the majority. And it certainly would be unpopular

to tell individuals that you are allowed two children...and if there is a will be tax-

ed and that you will be sterilized. (Thirty years ago...anyone writing the above would be

stereo-typed a communist.'re going to have to invent a new label now..botched

maggot). And when do we shut the gates and attempt to take care of what we already

have? If larger quantities don't start to foresee these problems of the future...and make

necessary changes...there will be a Hell Christian...Muslim...Jew!

Let it also be known that competency is not always at the top. And that the spineless "yes

men" and "butt patters" are usually the ones leading the chaos. Void of true backbones...

jellyfish slithering upward toward those above them. And now a mess. A never-ending

backward approach to efficiency.

How many times do the competent have to laugh and shake their head? How many times

will the competent be driven downward because they are seen as a threat and do not

"fit the mold"? How many times do the competent have to look up at inferior supposition?

Superficial justice is being served to mankind with elastic smiles from harlequins.

What's my point? Among other things. My point is. When my end has touched my begin-

ning...and I lie stiff and lifeless. I won't have the rotted stench of feces surrounding my

lips...from countless sessions of conformity...weakness...and incompetence. I am...

a victory!

Satanism Satan
Sect of Entrance  Hagerstown Maryland USA